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Microbubble Barriers

Microbubble barriers or curtains are perimeter aeration systems, usually shaped like a ring, which are installed at different depths depending on the problem to be solved, allowing the blocking of polluting elements such as: microalgae bloom, jellyfish, litter, underwater noise and oil spills, among others, in the sea, rivers and lakes.

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Aeration discs

The system is composed of discs installed at different depths. It is based on the movement by dragging large masses of water, allowing the entire volume of water to be renewed, favoring the transfer of oxygen, the homogenization of temperature and destratification; keeping microalgae bloom out of the care area.

enriched air

These systems allow the water to be oxygenated, improving the quality of the aquatic environment where the fish grow. The capacities delivered by the system range from 100 kg/h to 600 kg/h of oxygen enriched air supply with 90% purity, depending on the configuration required based on our L110 modules (110 kg/h) and L220 (220 kg/h).

The added value of these systems is that they work with highly efficient injection engineering, offering compact, tailored, scalable, flexible and low-cost solutions.

Water recovery and seabed regeneration

Anoxic waters are areas of seawater, freshwater, or groundwater in which dissolved oxygen is depleted. Through our aeration systems, this condition can change by recovering oxygen, a fundamental component for aquatic life, thus allowing to preserve the ecosystem and protect its flora and fauna.


We have a multidisciplinary team of engineers and biologists who design solutions tailored to each problem, setting biology as the central axis. This allows the harmonious integration of specialties, achieving effective, efficient, sustainable and 100% environmentally friendly solutions.

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