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Our aeration technology protects seawater intakes in desalination plants, managing to block the entry of algae, microalgae, jellyfish, bivalve seeds, larvae and other contaminants, such as oil and litter, that impact the operation of these plants.


These solutions help reduce the frequency of cleaning and maintenance times, eliminate the risk of contamination of the filtered water with toxins from certain microalgae, and the generation of inert organic material, preserving the marine ecosystem.


On the other hand, aeration systems help the precipitation of heavy metals in any body of water.


In water treatment plants our laminar flow microbubble barriers act us a pre-filtration system before de intake, allowing de caption of cleaner water, which translates into lower operating costs, greater reliability and greater availability in the event of algae blooms, zebra mussels, jellyfish, cyanobacteria, suspended solids and oil spills among others.

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Foto aérea de un puerto deportivo

Microbubble barriers allow the protection of ports, docks and marinas from possible oil spills by keeping a potential spill confined to a defined area, thus protecting the ecosystem from an environmental disaster, and providing the necessary time to implement a decontamination method.


Thermoelectric plants, as well as desalination plants, capture seawater for their operation. Our microbubble barriers protect intakes from microalgae, jellyfish, bivalve seeds, larvae, and other contaminants, such as oil and litter, that can clog pipes and systems.


These solutions help  reduce the frequency of cleaning and maintenance times, favoring the care of marine flora and fauna.


In the generation of hydraulic energy, our systems help to destratify the water in different reservoirs and protect the water intakes from the entry of algae, which could be generated.


Underwater noise pollution is an emerging environmental issue in Chile and the world. It can cause species disorientation, hearing loss, stranding, and even death. Our microbubble barriers are a proven and effective underwater noise mitigation solution for pile driving and other types of underwater drilling to protect marine fauna.


Salmons, like other farmed fish, are extremely sensitive to variations in their normal parameters in the water. That is why microbubble barriers have been effectively implemented to block the passage of microalgae and jellyfish to the salmon farms, in addition to developing upwelling systems capable of transferring and moving oxygen from different water strata to maintain a homogeneous aquatic environment.


We have also developed modular oxygen enriched air supply systems for salmon farms in the sea, which allow to significantly improve the level of dissolved oxygen in the water.


Processes such as protecting beaches, recovery of litter in rivers, recovery of wetlands, improvement of water quality in reservoirs, remediation of stagnant water, improvements in water treatment plants, among others, are our permanent challenge and motivation to continue developing new solutions that favor the protection and care of the environment.

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